Fundraising for your club, group, team, or organization is NOT difficult
when you have a product that everyone genuinely wants
and a product you can sell at a good margin of profit
and still give great value to your customers, your supporters.
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Fair Trade Fundraising
Over history, tremendous profits have been generated by the commercial middlemen
who stand between the artisan and the local vendors, and the final users of fashion....

...nobody was able to bridge the gap.  Until Now!

Inside this jam-packed Artcamp Fundraising Program, you'll discover:

  • PROFIT Potential - how to assess your real needs. .

    ( You can esily make all the copies you like)

    50% of price goes to your group
    your group wants to add on to our price to you.

    A Fundraising program so extensive that you will make it your "One-Stop Fundraising Shop"
    Why Fair Trade Fundraising is THE most *INEXPENSIVE* method of entering into the jewelry business,
    and why it is by far a most profitable business, if you know what you are doing you can make good money.
  • The one mistake that 95% of fundraisers make.  If you make this mistake,
    your credibility and reputation will suffer, and you will not have gained anything.

  • How you can do a multi-thousand dollar fundraising promotion
    without it costing you up-front more than just the $97.00 usd.
  • You have got a nice sample set to show and a CDROM Catalog that is easily copied.

  • You will have a series of high-quality descriptive internet websites to back you up
    and to demonstrate that the program is run by, and for the good of, the community.

  • Be part of a concerted international effort benefiting communities in the North and South.

The most important thing is,
this is a fundraising program that really works;
making money for your project.

If you cringe at the idea of having to sell something,
then fear no more, because this program sells itself.

YOU will discover fundraising techniques that you never knew existed
now you are going to find out what it is like to have a succesful program
bringing in $$$ so badly needed by your club. team, organization, school.

Fair Trade Fundraising for your Club, Group, School, Organization

FIND OUT HOW your group, club, team, organization can profit from FAIR TRADE FUNDRAISING


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